Life at La Balme

Beautiful spring day, managed to get some more pruning done, I know that it’s late, as the sap is rising, but needs must. Sun is really warm, there is a bit of a cold breeze though. Lots of violets in the grass, cow slips all over the place, white blossom […]

Spring has sprung at La Balme

Started snowing last night. Very pretty, did not last, drive is fine and roads clear. Cold wind, therefore, a day for keeping cosy. Might try a few improvements on my latest artistic attempt using acrylics. Not good enough for a photo.

Snow at La Bal

After a very damp few weeks, the sun is shining again over La Balme. Beautiful day for getting some washing dried, and also for walking. Lots of daffodils on the bank, a few weeks yet for flowers, but will keep my eye on them and put a photo in as […]

Sun at Last

Took us a few days to settle back at home. Longer to get into the festive mood. Then it’s CHRISTMAS, caught us, we had the music, carols playing very loud plus crooners with all the old songs helping us along. Do not have to worry about neighbours at La Balme. […]


Lovely meeting up of friends at the chatea on Friday. As usual the food was varied and wonderful. The desserts from everyone so different and yummy.            

Gathering of friends at the chateau

Our small group of painting and drawing enthusiasts met at the chateau in October. Unfortunately, no teacher this time, but it was good to be with friends and just have a full day of drawing and painting. My theme this time was autumn trees. No actual tree, all from my […]

Art Day

The sky is blue, glorious sunshine, it is lovely on the terrace for having coffee and eating lunch. Ian is cutting grass and collecting the leaves, plenty of them. Friends are out collecting leaves in their garden to make leave mole, we have about 4 or 5 areas around La […]

Cutting grass and collecting fallen leaves

We have had out logs delivered for cutting anc stacking. Ian has started, just doing a little bit when he feels in the mood, the garage walls will be full when he finishes. Not that we need any fires at the moment, I am sitting on the terrace, had to […]

Prepared for the winter

Shocking news, I had to move my seat out of the sun, it was too hot. 26 degrees on the terrace, 23 in the shade, if that is interesting to anyone. Missing our friends Sally and Andrew, who normally visit at this time of year, to help cut back the […]

Weather report

The sky this evening is beautiful, unfortunately I cannot get a photo of the bright pink, but the light on the Virginia creeper is great.


It is glorious, the colours are amazing, every day there is a change in the oaks, the Virginia creeper on the Grange, is still green in parts, the red coming through. The nights are cold, but not enough to kill the bedding plants yet, so we have the best of […]

Beautiful October

We have had a super few days away with a group of friends from the commune. Thursday we all met after lunch at the cité Carcassonne, for a tour using audio guide, it is such a wonderful place to visit and the explanations via the hand held audio guide useful. […]

A trip to Carcassonne and beyond